An innovative solution for Traditional PEMS and PTI emission measurement for both gasoline and diesel engines

Display the emissions data you need in real-time for PTI and general in-vehicle emissions by using the EZ-PEMS stand alone capabilities.

No PC? No problem.

NEW - Specifically designed for rapid real-time Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) and general emissions testing, EZ-PEMS takes just a few minutes to install and thanks to its powerful and unique index method results are available after just a few minutes of testing. No pre-defined test cycle is required, enabling random checks and enhanced defeat device detection rates. Incorporating accurate and reliable NOX, PM and PN measurement capabilities, EZ-PEM’s rugged construction and compact form factor make it suitable for automotive, trucks, off-road, marine use and more.

EZ-PEMS can be used for:

  • Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) of vehicles

  • Investigation of malfunctional or manipulated emissions control systems

  • Screening tests according to Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1832
  • Engine test cells or real-world NOX PM and PN measurement


  • Easy to use, rapid to install and commence detecting emission levels on both gasoline and diesel engines
  • EZ-PEMS enables stand-alone in-vehicle testing with no laptops, storage devices or complicated PC programs required
  • Gives equivalently accurate results compared to conventional large and costly PEMS systems
  • Includes ECM’s Emission Index, enabling the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) of vehicles to be conducted using very short and random test runs, delivering significant cost savings
  • ECU data can be accessed by EZ-PEMS via the vehicle’s OBD port, enabling the calculation of absolute emission values (masses per kilometre)
  • Reports can be produced and printed off within minutes of test cycle completion
  • Three different EZ-PEMS variants available, from a simple yes/no fail condition indication to advanced and comprehensive OBD data logging including cloud-based evaluation


  • User-selectable Emission Standards

  • Simple red / green light pass or fail display

The entry level EZ-PEMS device – the EZP 100-1 displays the results via a red/green light when the emissions are above or below a user selectable NOX emission standard such as Euro 5, Euro 6, US10, US12 etc. This is a simple, useful, easily configurable tool for the detection of engine malfunctions or if cheat devices are installed.


As per EZP 100-2 but with the addition of PM or PN measurements for a wider spectrum of vehicle emissions analysis measurements capabilities.


  • Real-time display of emissions and OBD2 data

  • Cloud-based storage

  • Powerful post-analysis and report functions

  • Fully stand-alone, no extra PC hardware needed

The next level of EZ-PEMS, the EZP 100-2, is equipped with a display unit showing real-time measurement values and OBD2 data, which provides comprehensive evaluation of vehicle emissions data. Combined with a fully integrated connection to a cloud-based data storage, EZP 100-2 also benefits from powerful post analysis and report functions ideal for PTI or fleet testing. EZP 100-2 is designed for easy stand-alone in-vehicle testing, because no laptops, storage devices or complicated PC programs are required. Typical parameters available are ECM Emission Index, NOX ppm, CO2 ppm, mg NOx/km, CO2/km and vehicle specific OBD II signals.

The EZ-PEMS complete emissions solution

Benefit from simple and fast installation

User-friendly, powerful emissions evaluation tools - hosted locally or in the cloud depending on requirements.

Easy to operate and view key data